About Ru-tee

I often get approached in the street by strangers asking what I do to look the way I do. A lot of them are also surprised when I say I’m nearly 50 years old. And they all want to know my ‘secret’.

To me, it isn’t a secret. It’s half a lifetime of self-experimentation to find a way of living that would leave me energised, lean and without the physical discomforts I was suffering; almost every day I would feel bloated with uncomfortable stomach pains. And as an adidas model and someone who works in the health and fitness industry, I had to look my best and be a picture of health. And that’s how I developed The Body Confidence Program. I, Ru-tee Block, AM The Body Confidence Program.

With over 25 years working across nutrition, personal training and as a model for a high profile sports brand, I’ve seen and tried all the fad diets and fitness classes that have come and gone. And it seemed like all were hard work, or short-lived, or unsustainable. I needed a way of living that kept me looking lean without needing to spend hours in the gym (I didn’t have time for that!), that let me eat until I was full (no one likes to be hungry after eating) and which gave me energy and my life back. So I combined everything I knew with many years of intensive study of the human body and put together a tried and tested optimal diet and lifestyle for health and fat-loss. I’ve since discovered that anyone following these set of rules would lose body fat and feel healthier than they had ever done before. As for my bloating and stomach pains? They’ve decreased significantly – in fact, the only time I ever get a flare up is when I eat outside my ‘rules’; my body and stomach revolt and not only do I end up looking 8 months pregnant but I can also put on 8 pounds within an hour!

I absolutely believe that The Body Confidence Program can help anyone be the size they want to be. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, over and over again, with 100% successful results. So why does it work? Drawing upon my own experiences and having listened to past participants, I’ve spent years honing a program which requires preparation, but not effort, and provides a strong support system and an educatory element so everything you learn during the 8 week program can be incorporated into your lifestyle moving forward. Plus, results speak for themselves and it’s wonderful to hear how The Body Confidence Program has changed lives – from increasing confidence and self-love, to feeing more energised, to improving relationships, increasing productivity and ridding bloating and tiredness. If you’re not sure whether you’re brave enough to take the next step and enrol, have a read of all the Success Stories and remember, I’ll be with you, every step of the way.

Additional Qualifications

  • Personal Trainer with 25 years experience
  • Nutritional Lifestyle Coach
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Kinesiologist
  • Exercise to Music instructor
  • Functional Medicine Practitioner