On The Body Confidence Program I reduced by: 18 inches

The three biggest benefits that I got from doing The Body Confidence Program are:

  1. Getting comfortable in size 14
  2. Gaining my confidence back!
  3. Feeling healthier and more in touch with my body

I would recommend The Body Confidence Program to someone else because:
It has been an amazing boost to my body confidence. I have learnt a lot during the 8 week program and literally learnt something new every week that went by. I feel more in touch with what my body is telling me, how I process food and also what doesn’t work! Even though I ate relatively well before, I definitely eat better now! It’s a great confidence boost and to fit in clothes better is amazing!

If you have been on any other diets or weight loss programs, how does The Body Confidence Program Compare?
I have tried a few recently through my job but this program is different in many ways to all of the others. I can still eat the food I like, have a cheat day once a week and actually see the progress and effects after the 1st week!