On The Body Confidence Program, I reduced by:

18.75 inches

The three biggest benefits that I got from doing The Body Confidence Program are:

  1. The biggest benefit I got from The Body Confidence Program is the change in my eating habit and what I eat
  2. The second biggest benefit for me is the reduction of the amount of alcohol I now drink. Big + for me
  3. The third biggest, and just as important is the reduction in body fat. I feel much healthier and very happy with my new look

I would recommend The Body Confidence Program to someone else because:

I would recommend The Body Confidence Program because it WORKS!

The program is very easy to follow and the support I received is second to none. The menu is varied and tasty too.

Ru-Tee is very friendly and supportive and is always available to answer questions that one might have.

The group call are of great value as they provide a platform to share with each other how you are doing.

I have reduced my jeans size by 18.75 inches in eight weeks more than the program offers.

This is a program that works. I loved it!! I feel healthy. I look and feel great, and my energy level is much higher.