On The Body Confidence Program, I reduced by:

10.7 inches

The three biggest benefits that I got from doing The Body Confidence Program are:

  1. Flatter stomach with abs.
  2. I learnt to chew my food properly and this helped me reduce bloating significantly!
  3. Reduced cellulite.

I would recommend The Body Confidence Program to someone else because:

I would recommend The Body Confidence Program to anyone who feels overweight, lacks of energy and is fighting with cellulite. No matter how big or how unfit you may be, TBCP can lead you to a healthier lifestyle change.

If you have been on any other diets or weight loss programs, how does The Body Confidence Program Compare?

The Body Confidence Program actually builds new habits and teaches you how to treat your body better. Even with a very busy work schedule and living in Europe during the summer, I managed to gain some very good eating habits which are here to stay.