On The Body Confidence Program I reduced by: 35 inches

The three biggest benefits that I got from doing The Body Confidence Program are:

  1. Understanding food groups and how you pair them together
  2. My energy levels are amazing, I feel positive, confident and so proud of myself
  3. That is you follow a structured plan with help, this is achievable, it’s real and I can’t believe I did it! Believe me if I can, anyone can

I would recommend The Body Confidence Program to someone else because:
This isn’t a fad diet, it’s a life changer. Your body is so precious and by doing this plan you realise what you should be doing, its healthy, realistic, tasty and if you give it 100% you will get 100% results. Ru-tee is so knowledgeable it gives you confidence and she’s a real person not a computer so you are important! Just do thus you will redefine your life!

If you have been on any other diets or weight loss programs, how does The Body Confidence Program Compare?
It’s straightforward, no weighing, looking at labels… becomes manageable if you stick to food list…