Why does The Body Confidence Program work on everyone?

I’ve seen 100% success rate on those who have followed the rules because unlike other fat-loss programs out there, this uses ancient knowledge of the body’s innate rhythms and responses – something we’ve lost touch with over the years due to an increasingly busy lifestyle and need to pack more into less. We have also lost a lot of natural nutrients through processing our food and modification of basic ingredients such as grain. The Body Confidence Program adapts our lifestyle and diet to what our body really needs which is why we drop fat so easily and feel so much more energised and alive.

Is there really no exercise in it?

There is some, but it’s not essential. I’d much rather that participants followed the main rules and got those nailed without the added stress of making time for exercise. After all, good health is 75% diet and 25% fitness. Plus, I know that participants will see results if they follow the rules, yet don’t have time for the exercise.

Is it hard to do?

“It’s going to get hard before it gets easy”. Just like anything that involves change, there will be some adjustment required so as long as you have an open mind and the unshakeable desire to succeed then you’ll be just fine. The Body Confidence Program also offers support sessions so you can receive the encouragement and advice you need to stick with it

8 weeks seems like a long time, can I just do 4?

Over years of tweaking, 8 weeks is the optimal time, not too long and not too short, for The Body Confidence Program to gives the results that you expect. Many see results in their first week but to fully establish and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, 8 weeks is the right length of time as it requires a minimum of at least 21 days to create new habits.

Why do you only have a limited intake per program?

I get to know each and every one of my participants and if I take on too many, I cannot provide the high service and support that my participants deserve and I expect. Having fewer people on the program greatly increases the potential each participant can get from it.

Why is The Body Confidence Program not suitable for pregnant women?

Quite simply, I am not qualified to cater to the nutritional needs of pregnant women. I do, however, encourage post-natal women to join the program from 6 weeks after they have given birth, as long as they’re not breast-feeding and have had the OK from their doctor.

Why is The Body Confidence Program not suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

All my meal plans currently include ingredients that aren’t suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets but I am looking to change this in the future. If you’re interested, sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the page to be the first to know when this launches.